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What is body stress?

Body stress is a term that refers to any tension that is stored in a physical structure, which the body has not managed to release.

This body stress exerts pressure on nerves and disrupts communication to and from the brain and the areas supplied by the nerves involved, so normal function is undermined. Therefore the body needs some assistance to release this stored stress. The Body Stress Release technique is designed to serve this purpose.

The benefits

As pressure is released from nerves, there may be immediate relief from pain, relaxing of tight muscles, even straightening of distorted posture. Usually this is the case if the body stress has occurred recently; the process of restoring normal tone to muscles is very rapid, and the life energy flow is quickly re-established. As the body stress is released, the muscles resume their normal supportive role and more energy is available for living. Increased function, energy and well-being can be experienced from having Body Stress Release.

In addition, clients often report that certain conditions that they had not mentioned have cleared up, such as constipation, bladder problems, indigestion, pre-menstrual pains, better quality sleep, etc. Usually the physical changes are accompanied by an emotional upliftment.

Stress overload

When the stressful forces applied to individuals go beyond the limits of their adaptability, stress overload occurs and some outside help is needed. People often ignore the early warning signals that they are approaching stress overload – there may be pain, extreme tiredness, a swollen joint, recurring illness, irrational thinking, etc.

The demands of life persuade people to keep on going and to disregard or rationalise any ominous signs. When the body is stressed beyond the limit of its adaptability, it enters a process of making repeated negative adaptations, and therefore deteriorates.

Stress overload should be addressed before it leads to malfunction, possible illness and damage to tissues and organs.

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