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Amien, 51

Low back pain and sciatica

Severe low back pain and sciatica with different diagnoses to be operated on. After the first three appointments, there was only a small sign of visible pain at the third. At the sixth appointment, there was almost no pain and surgery was no longer necessary.

Severe pain

Amien came for Body Stress Release with severe lower back pain and sciatica. The pain was so bad that when he arrived for his first appointment, he had to use a stick and be helped to enter the practice by his wife.

Rapid improvement

After the first three appointments, at intervals of three days, Amien returned on the third day without help and only a small sign of visible pain. At the fifth appointment, Amien reported that some of the pain had returned, but by the sixth appointment, Amien was walking normally without pain.

Surgery avoided

Amien told me that he had been to four specialist surgeons, two of whom had told him he needed surgery to fuse the vertebrae in his lower back, and the other two said he needed a discectomy. After visiting his surgeon, Amien proudly told me that, according to his Surgeon, it was a miracle that he was now walking almost painlessly and that surgery was no longer necessary.

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