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Acid reflux, back pain, and numb feet

Muscle tension can be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort in your body. A 75-year-old man came for Body Stress Release with reflux symptoms (heartburn), pain in the right side of his chest that radiated to his back, tension headaches and numb feet. After only a few Body Stress Release sessions, the man had no more pain in his body and his numb feet had improved significantly, as well as his sense of well-being.

Stress factors and effects

Often stress or anxiety causes the body to store tension in the muscles. A lot of people do not realize that emotional stress affects the body directly, and if a person experiences long term stress or traumatic events, this can become stored as tension in the body. Stored tension can also result in pain, stiffness and discomfort. See here for more information on why Body Stress Release can help you.

How Body Stress Release works

Your practitioner will test the muscles in your body to locate where the tension is. This is done by using the body's own bio-feedback system, which then allows your practitioner to identify where to release the tension. The releases are gentle and done with the hands, which assist the muscles to let go of any stored tension. Once this starts happening, any tension in the muscles that may have been putting pressure on the nerves starts to be lifted. This allows the nerves to restore to their optimal function, and THAT is when the healing starts. Read here to find out more on what happens at a Body Stress Release consultation.

Client feedback

When the man returned for his second session he said that his acid reflux had improved but came back intermittently, the pain on the right side of his chest that was radiating through to his back was slightly better, the tension headaches were totally gone, and there had been a slight improvement with his numb feet.

On his third visit, he explained that he had been experiencing severe dizziness and nausea. It was explained that this could be a result of compression on certain nerves responsible for proprioception, and that now that the tension had been released, the nerves were starting to respond again, and therefore causing temporary dizziness and nausea. His acid reflux and the pain in his chest and back were also gone. His numb feet were not as bad as when he first came in and were still showing signs of improvement.

A positive outcome

At his fourth appointment, all pains were gone and his numb feet had improved by fifty percent. The man jubilantly explained that he had started up some of his old hobbies again that he had no longer been able to do, and that his overall feeling and sense of well-being had been greatly improved.

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