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Treatment agreement

Information about the treatment agreement

You agree to the following:

  • The client will be treated by the practitioner affiliated with the CAT Reimbursable and is aware of the applicable rates.
  • The client is aware of the form of treatment and is aware of the treatment plan drawn up (taking into account that a treatment plan depends on the client's process).
  • The therapist affiliated with the CAT undertakes to refer the client to a fellow CAT therapist or doctor if the treatment is inadequate or cannot be continued due to illness, death or a condition of the practitioner.
  • Termination of the treatment can take place at any time by mutual consent.
  • Termination of the treatment can take place unilaterally by the client if the client no longer appreciates or deems the treatment necessary.
  • If the treatment is terminated by the client and this happens against the therapist's advice; the client does this at his own risk and is willing to sign a statement acknowledging that the client will terminate the treatment without the CAT therapist's approval.
  • The treatment can be terminated unilaterally by the CAT therapist if he/she cannot reasonably be expected to continue the treatment.
  • The client is aware of the complaints procedure and can contact the dispute authority run by the CAT therapist for complaints.
  • Payment takes place by mutual agreement between the client and CAT therapist; by PIN or cash.
  • The client will receive an invoice invoice by email from the CAT therapist as soon as he has confirmation that payment has been completed, to be used for a claim and to be submitted to the insurer himself.
  • The client is aware that the CAT therapist maintains a client file.
  • The CAT therapist treats this client file in accordance with the AVG and in accordance with the requirements set by the CAT Board.
  • The client may request a copy of this client file that relates to the client.
  • The client can demand destruction of the client file that relates to the client, and the CAT therapist is legally obliged to cooperate unless there is a legally (legal) reason or if the personal data is essential for the care of another client in connection with hereditary diseases or for another identifiable medical cause.

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