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General pain and feeling unwell

Read this blog article to learn more about how stress enters your body and what the two main causes are. And of course, how Body Stress Release can get you back on track to make you feel good again.

Pain and stiffness in the body

Do you suffer from long-term general pain that cannot be attributed to a specific cause? Have you ever wondered why you generally feel unwell, or why your muscles and joints feel sore or stiff? And why does it flare up when you experience physical or emotional tension? What makes it worse?

Why is the pain getting worse?

Many customers who come for Body Stress Release have tension due to physical stress or emotional stress. Let's see what the problem might be and why the pain in your body keeps getting worse instead of better over time. Two important factors that contribute to tension in the body are physical stress and/or emotional stress.

What is physical stress?

Physical stress can be anything that affects the body's muscular skeleton, for example car accidents, severe falls, sports injuries, RSI injuries, or anything that is physically too heavy for the body to adapt to. Certain occupations, such as hairdressers, dentists, office workers and tattoo artists, are examples of activities involving physically repetitive actions that can cause tension in the body.

What is emotional stress?

A major contributing factor to tension in the body is due to emotional stress. This can be anything: work stress, family problems, traumas, ongoing worries, and many other emotional stressors. Click here for more information about the effects on the body due to stress.

Tension gets stuck in the muscles

When stress enters the body due to physical or emotional stressors, this tension can become too heavy for the body to process or adapt, leading to overexertion. When this happens, stress begins to manifest in the body, with the result that the muscles go into a protective position and the tension in the muscles is locked. This can happen with emotional stress just as easily as physical stress. At this point, you may be starting to feel an imbalance in your body and your sense of well-being no longer feels like it used to. Click here for more information about the effects of body stress.

Why are the tension and pain getting worse?

As long as tension remains trapped in the body, the body's normal tone is disrupted, causing a decrease in overall efficiency. As the immune mechanisms weaken, the body is less and less able to cope with additional stresses to which it is exposed. You can visualize it as blocks of [tension] that are stacked together, higher and higher, with the result that the discomfort gets worse with each addition. At some point, stress overload can be felt as pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, or feeling generally unwell. Without proper care or change, the body wanders further and further away from its optimal state of health. Click here for more information about body stress indicators.

I feel great again

Stored tension can already be built up in the body from birth or childhood. If stress entered the body years ago and was not paid attention to it, the tension can still be stored in the body. Body Stress Release is an Effective Technique that helps the body release stored tension, whether it's from the past or more recently. Once the tension is released, the body is triggered to start its own healing process and this supports the body in restoring optimal health, making you feel vibrant and energetic again.

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