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Severe lower back pain, sciatica and knee pain

In a desperate situation, a man came to Body Stress Release after more than 20 years of suffering with constant low back pain, sciatica, knee pain and loss of control over his bowels. Body Stress Release was his response to get effective relief.

The man even stated that he was a very challenging case and was in such an emotional state, that he no longer valued his life because he had incontinent and suffered from constant lower back pain. In addition, he had sciatica (shooting pains in his legs), his knees were in pain and frequently swollen and he could hardly walk properly.

He had been suffering with these problems over the past twenty years due to an injury in the military, where he had crushed several vertebrae in the lower lumbar spine after an accident. This had caused the spinal nerves to become compressed and damaged, including the nerves that connect to the digestive system. His situation had steadily deteriorated over the years and after consulting with orthopaedic surgeons, he was told that surgery would be hazardous and at best, he was more than likely to land up in a wheel chair afterwards.

The practitioner tested his lower back and found that the muscles were rigid and had gone into a protective spasm. He subsequently applied releases in a very gentle manner to the areas where he had located stress. A few days later that same man walked into the practice with already substantially reduced pain in his lower back, and partial return of function to his bowels.

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