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Neck surgery avoided

After losing the use of her arm and being told to have neck surgery, a client came to Body Stress Release as a last resort. Within a few sessions, she began to feel all the changes in tension in her neck and back, and by the sixth session, she regained the use of her arm.

As a result of the severe pain experienced in the upper back, shoulders and neck, the client had undergone more than a week in traction with almost no improvement. As this had little effect, the only advised option was surgery, so in desperation the client turned to Body Stress Release as a last resort.

The practitioner found that the muscles in her back were as hard as rocks. It was clear that her lower back body stress was aggravating her neck problems, even though she was not aware of it. After her first releases she felt even worse, but she understood when it was explained that her whole thing was back in a defensive state, and that the muscles would relax in stages.

By the third session she reported that she had started to feel muscular changes in both her back and neck, and was enthusiastic to see what the results would yield from the third release. By her sixth release she was even more enthusiastic as only tenderness remained in her neck and she had almost regained full strength in her arm again.

Her case is an example that sometimes tension that is locked into the body takes a bit longer to unlock, and her perseverance paid off in the end. She had since made a full recovery and no longer suffered from any pain.

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