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Why Body Stress Release? When the body is exposed to overload, the stress is “trapped” in the body, instead of draining the stress out of the system. This “body stress” appears as lines of tension at specific points, which can cause postural deformations, pain, stiffness, or numbness. The impact on the nervous system disrupts the body's communication lines and thereby undermines the efficiency of the function.

Because Body Stress Release is a gentle approach, it is safe and suitable for people of all ages, from newborn babies to elderly people, in all health conditions. Body Stress Release is a separate healthcare profession and is not similar to other modalities. It's not about massage, manipulation, machines, or medication. Body Stress Release is a complementary technique that helps the body with its own healing process and can provide effective relief against all forms of tension, pain and discomfort.

With Body Stress Release, three appointments are scheduled in the beginning that follow each other briefly (day 1 - day 4 - day 11). Due to the first session, changes in the body usually occur, which require a new release. Healing is also a process that must be initiated and then monitored. Follow-up treatments and their frequency vary from person to person.

The first appointment will start with an intake interview, followed by a Body Stress Release treatment. This appointment takes approximately 45 — 60 minutes. The duration of the follow-up appointments is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

During a BSR consultation, you keep your shoes on and stay fully clothed. A unique treatment bench is used. This means you don't have to climb onto a bench.

Falls and accidents

In acute situations, such as falls, car accidents, or other violent events. If research shows that nothing is broken or damaged, a quick release can help reduce the muscle tension caused by the injury.

Stressful situations

Emotional stressors can have a direct impact on the body, whether they are repetitive (short or long term) or isolated incidents. Examples include work stress, financial problems, family tensions, loss of a loved one, or traumatic events. Everyone processes emotionally stressful events differently, but in cases where emotional stress overloads the system, it can be stored as physical tension. Body Stress Release helps release stored tension, so clients often feel cheerful and emotionally lighter.

After surgery

Surgery causes a lot of stress: chemically, through anesthesia and drugs, emotionally and mechanically by lifting and turning the body and lying for long periods of time. The Body Stress Release therapist does not work in an area where surgery has been performed, but around the location. A Body Stress Release session can therefore help promote your body's recovery.

During pregnancy and beyond

As the pregnancy progresses, more stress builds up on the lower back. Sometimes the tension radiates up to the shoulders and neck. Body Stress Release can help relieve the uncomfortable tension and pain that occurs during and after pregnancy, but also helps prepare the body for delivery.


Body Stress Release can help the body recover and prevent injuries. Freedom from stored voltage provides more energy and flexibility, increasing performance potential. Athletes also benefited from reduced muscle pain and fatigue after strenuous exercise, increasing their recovery rate.


Older people often blame pain and malfunctioning on aging and “learning to live” with their problems. Body Stress Release has often helped elderly people with weak bladders, osteoarthritis, leg, back and hip pain, and many other problems that were initially related to their age.

Certain occupations

There are occupations that involve a lot of mechanical stress. In addition to the professions that are clearly demanding, such as physical work, certain actions put a specific strain on the body, for example hairdressers, musicians, dentists and people who work at the computer all day long.

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