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Corona Stress - Working from home

Has the Corona crisis left you feeling uneasy, stressed or anxious? Is your body feeling tense, stiff or painful in some areas? Nearly everyone has been impacted by the Corona crisis in some way or another, and individually everyone experiences these stresses differently. Working from home may have its plus points, but there are definitely some negative ones too! So let's take a look at the possible impact it could have on you, and more importantly, how Body Stress Release can help you get back to feeling great again.

Daily routines interrupted!

From one day to the next we all had to stay at home, and in most cases were isolated from being able to socialize or interact with other people. We no longer had the home and work life balance or routine; and in many cases stay-at-home parents had their partner at home every day for an extended period of time. Our day-to-day routines were totally disrupted!

Working at home

Working from home means that your home and work life became a merged phenomenon from one day to the next. Being in constant close proximity of your family and trying to work in the same environment can be challenging for anyone. But also not getting out and about makes us feel isolated and makes our world smaller.

Why would I be stressed?

If you are not normally someone who works from home, this could certainly become a stressful situation for both you and your family. In the past, leaving home for work meant you could comfortably rely on certain routines and a sense of individual freedom, and that may have just gone out the window with the Corona crisis! Change can be uncomfortable and cause emotional stress, which can quickly become manifested in the body as physical tension. See this article for more information on how stress affects the body.

How could my body be affected by physical stress?

Some people already have a good working space at home, with a good desk and chair to support their posture, but this may not be the case for everyone! Maybe you have found yourself working at the dining room table, in the kitchen, or on the sofa or a bed. None of these places are good for your posture when you are working from a laptop. Maintaining a good posture is key to minimizing stress from building up in your body. In the long run, working daily [repetitive strain] behind your laptop with a less than optimal posture will cause tension to build up in your body. See here for posture tips for laptop users.

How can tension build up in my body?

When stress becomes too much for the body [repetitive strain in this case], and the body can no longer adapt to the stress, it starts to lock tension into the muscles. Once tension starts building up and becoming locked into your body, it only gets worse with each extra addition of tension. Often with poor posture at a workstation, the lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are common areas that become affected. You may start to experience pain, numbness or tingling as a result of this tension. Read here to find out what body stress is.

How can Body Stress Release unlock the tension in my body?

Body Stress Release is a technique that assists the body to unlock tension that may be stored in the muscles. By applying a gentle and precise pressure to the affected areas, your body is encouraged to release the tension and restore the body's own capacity to heal. Read here for feedback from clients who have benefited from Body Stress Release.

Don't let the stress build up!

When a body becomes overloaded with stress, it can be affected in all kinds of ways, with varying sensations of stiffness, pain, numbness or tingling. To manage the tension that has built up in your body, it is better to seek assistance as soon as possible. Body Stress Release is an effective technique that does exactly that, “Release Tension”! Click here to contact Body Stress Release in The Hague.

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